Farm Irrigation Sprinkler Efficiency Re-Imagined

Nelson Irrigation offers a full line of water application products designed for your specific field conditions and crops that result in higher yields and quality at harvest. Unmatched innovation in irrigation from Nelson has brought about years of revolutions, such as Rotator® technology on drops and Big Gun® sprinklers.

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The Rotator Pivot Sprinkler

Nelson is leveraging recent progress in design and manufacturing technology to produce plates with complicated and advanced geometries. The result of these advances is the Rotator, the world’s premier pivot sprinkler, featuring the widest throw on drops and highest uniformity. It operates on a proven, patented drive principle with an economic design that features only one moving part. Expect the highest levels of reliability and long wear life, even under tough field conditions.

  • Greater throw radius
  • Higher uniformity
  • Versatile modular design
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The R3030 with the 3NV nozzle system turns a great sprinkler into a highly effective farm management device. Simply push & turn this multi-use nozzle for on, off, nozzle flush and line flush functions. The 3NV nozzle fits all existing sprinkler types: Rotator, Spinner, Accelerator, Sprayhead, Orbitor, Part Circle. Maximize efficiency with the Square Thread fitting.

At the heart of the 3030 Series is the new 3NV Nozzle. built with the precision accuracy of the 3TN, this innovative dial-nozzle combines multiple functions so you can “micro-manage” your system.

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In the field of large-volume sprinklers, Nelson is recognized the world over as the leader in quality, performance, and technical support, and our Big Gun Sprinklers are engineered and manufactured with precision for reliability and long life. Every Nelson Big Gun is subjected to the toughest inspection testing and quality control standards in the industry — including individual water testing at the factory. Nelson pioneered the concept of a slow, steady, and uniform forward and reverse drive action, and the Big Gun’s drive vane automatically compensates through a full range of nozzle sizes and pressures. A simple, reliable adjustment allows you to set the arc to within 1 degree without overriding the stops; a setting that will not change over time, as proven by years of use in the field.

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Engineered and manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions. Nelson pressure regulators offer exceptional performance in tough field conditions. Individually tested for quality assurance, our patented technology improves plug resistance, providing precision accuracy and long life. Choose from the full line of Nelson pressure regulators for optimal sprinkler and system performance.

Benefits of pressure regulation include a uniform depth of water application, controlled sprinkler performance (droplet size and throw distance), and flexibility in system operation.

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