Winterization guarantee

Our “Winterization Guarantee” is valid through June of the following year. Inman Irrigation will cover everything from the outside of the house to the ground as long as one of the below exceptions does not apply.


Backflow Devices are not covered if one or more of the following apply:

  • Homeowners did not allow access to the house to properly drain water from the system during the winterizing.
  • Homeowners start up their systems too early in the spring and try to shut it down again.
  • The plumbing was not correctly installed.

The repair will be covered only if none of the above apply and Inman Irrigation does the start-up in the following spring.

The homeowner is responsible for any damage to the backflow. If your backflow PBV is leaking from the top, this is not covered under the winterizing as this is normal wear and tear.

If your copper pipe has a split in it, the expense for the repair will only be covered if Inman Irrigation performed the winterizing and did the start-up in the spring.


If the temperature falls below 30 degrees before the system has been winterized the homeowner is responsible for all repairs.  

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