The Leader in Precision Irrigation

Valley Irrigation is the global leader in mechanized irrigation equipment and the industry’s authority on advancing irrigation technologies. Their products irrigate approximately 25 million acres worldwide. Valley equipment conserves water, saves time, reduces input costs and increases yields, all while providing access to remotely connect to your irrigation network from any location across the world.

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The Pioneer of Center Pivot Irrigation

For over 60 years, Valley® center pivot irrigation equipment has been the most trusted brand in the industry. From pivot point to last span, Valley engineers, constructs and field-tests each center pivot to handle the full range of operating conditions that growers need. Valley structures stand up to the toughest loads produced by rough terrain, deep furrows and long-span machines.

That’s why Valley center pivots last longer, perform better and command the highest resale value in the industry. Every Valley center pivot is hot-dip galvanized before it leaves our factory to withstand the elements – making sure your investment is around for years to come.

Trust the market leader in center pivot irrigation. Trust Valley.

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Center Pivot Control Panels for the Modern Farmer

As a grower, you know getting water to your crops when and where it’s needed is the key to your best yields. In the past, this may have meant additional costs and worries during peak irrigation times: early morning irrigation equipment checks, increased fuel costs from additional trips to the field, and even adding additional labor during the summer months. Valley® smart panels, mechanical control panels and irrigation controls are designed to eliminate these unnecessary visits to your field and help you regain control of your irrigation.

Connect to your pivot without leaving your truck.

Control from the edge of your field* has never been so easy. Quickly switch between pivots to send commands and adjust controls, all from the ICON app on your tablet or smartphone.

  • Local WiFi signal built into the panel
  • Full control and command of your center pivot
  • Wireless display through your tablet or smartphone
  • No subscription or internet required
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Irrigation Systems and Irrigation Parts for Maximizing Yields

Your center pivot irrigation technology has saved you water and increased your yields, but what about those field corners and areas around existing structures and trees? Valley® Precision®  and VFlex™ Corners, Benders and DropSpan™ can solve these challenges by picking up those missed corners and that non-irrigated land. And, here’s the best part - when you put land you already own into irrigated production, you’re growing more crops and increasing your annual income! In fact, our studies show that growers like you can increase profits by at least $600 per acre of corn, just by putting more of your existing acres into production.

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